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My client operates in a niche which is complimentary to your traffic. I am looking to find new sources of traffic for our pop-under campaigns.

Here is a sample landing page which is used on another clients site.

Would you be willing to place a popunder on your site? We have found the exit-pop (a popup is triggered once a user leaves your site) to be the least intrusive.

We pay on a CPM basis with transparrent tracking in our backoffice and pay on a CPM basis ($X per 1000 triggered popunders delivered to unique users over a 24 hour period)

If you are inerested just let us know the $cpm you expect in return.

Many thanks


Here's a list with some tools how to use the Metanet

Reading the Metanet Read files by searching for txid Read files by adding the txid to the url. Supports different filetypes, good documentation of the b:// protocol Read raw opreturn-outputs by searching for txid Read raw and media files by searching for the txid. Optionally you can add a money button based tipping button.
Bitstagram: Bitstagram
ExFuturo: Metanet Search Engine.

Writing to the Metanet Upload files to the Blockchain Upload files to the Blockchain Upload files and texts on the Blockchain
Pageshot: Upload a screenshot of a website on the Blockchain
ElectrumSV: The SV version of the popular Electrum Wallet allows you to attach a file to a transaction.
ba8114313109d15a781d9f623e2a7f690775c25c1ae538b98b1c1e51edf43138: A file-uploader, stored on the Blockchain itself.
Basciiat: Transform art to ascii art onchain. Upload large files in several transactions.
GitHub: MetaNet-Website: Build and Upload a site to Metanet.

Most services use MoneyButton to initiate the uploading transactions. So before you start there, you should get an account at MoneyButton. With Electrum SV you don't need MoneyButton.

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Page last modified on March 03, 2019, at 08:20 AM