An introduction to Money Button

The most simple and fluent way to integrate virtual currency payments in webpages.

Money Button makes payments a building block of your website. Users can pay with literally one click, and Webpage creators can create and process payments with a very simple JavaScrip operation.

Real-time nano payments

Running on Bitcoin SV (BSV), Money Button supports high scalable real-time micro and nano payments. It also supports advanced payments variants, like splitting to many receivers or publishing data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

For web developers Money Button is a golden opportunity: You can monetize every single web operation. Every single button can become a Money Button. There is nothing you can't do.

Try and Learn

On this webpage you can

Since experience is the best way to learn, you need to use Money Button for yourself to access this introduction. Just get an account at Money Button. It requires just an e-mail-adress. When you are logged in, you can push a Money Button wherever you see one, if you have funds in your account. To fund it, you just need to send a little bit of BSV on it. No confirmation needed, you can start instantly.

Experience Money Button

Tell me - what can I do here?

Fund your Account

If you already have some Bitcoin SV (BSV) - great. If you have an account on a virtual currency exchange - great. Buy some BSV and withdraw to your Money Button account.

If you have not, you can request a funding of 50 Cent to test this page. The request will be published as a Money Button, and we'll send you an e-mail notification when it is filled. You find the Client Identifier in your Money Button account.

Fill a funding request

Push the button to fund sdsdf
Push the button to fund Lrock
Push the button to fund Lars
Push the button to fund Klara