A story about the president of a fishing club

Once upon a time I meet some two old friends, living in a small village in Germany. To my annouance, for some month fishing has become a hop topic among them. One of them, Markus, is in a local fishing club, since ever, as is his father and his older brother. The other of my friends, Johannes, decided a few month ago that fishing will become his new hobby. He went to the fishing school, got his fishing licence and joined the club where my other friend and his family are. Since then, they always talk about fishing.

On this evening, Johannes talked about the latest fishing competition of the club. It's an iron rule that one member of the family of Markus has to win it. In one year it's the father, then his brother, than Markus himself. Nobody in the fishing club remembers someone not in his family winning the cup. We laughed a while about this. Then Johannes started to talk about the president of the fishing club. His name is Theodor, and he is surprisingly young. You would assume that the president of such a club was an old, retired man, like it's in most clubs. But no, Theodor is not even 30 years old, he is maybe one of the youngest members of the whole club.

"I don't understand why he does it. I'm so sorry for him. The whole day, when everybody was fishing, he walks around, talks to everybody. I don't trust him. He is too friendly. He seems to think that as a president he needs to talk to everybody. He doesn't even have time to fish himself."

"Maybe he just likes it? I don't think he will become my friend, but he is a nice guy who does the job."

"But isn't it stupid to do all this stuff, all this talking and organizing, when you do not find time to fish yourself?"

Here I joined the conversation: "Maybe he doesn't even like fishing at all? Did you see him ever fishing?"

Johannes immediately smelled a narrative: "No way. But ... I did never see him fishing. Maybe he really doesn't like it, maybe he doesn't even know how to fish, and he is just here for the clubbing, because he likes to talk and to be important."

I: "Maybe he even hates fishing?"

We laughed. Markus said: "No, no way, Theodor loves fishing, he talks so much about it and works so much for the club. I don't believe this."

Johannes: "But did you ever see him fishing? I swear, he never fishes, because he don't likes it at all."

"No way, no. For sure I have seen him fishing here and there."

"When? Do you remember?"

"Sure, wait ... no, I don't remember. When I think about it, I really never seen him fishing, only organizing and talking."

So we concluded that Theodor indeed does not like fishing, but is only there for the talk and organizing, for being a president - of a club which purpose he doesn't even like. Johannes and Markus decided to disclose the truth, by inviting him on a fishing morning on Sunday, and to ask him as long as they need to be at a lake with him, their rod and bait with them, and to see if Johannes is able to fish.

Two month later we met again. Read what my friends reported.

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